Bio used when I was Google’s “Search Evangelist” (2006-2010)
[I believe I (co)-wrote this at Google sometime in 2006 or 2007.]

As Google’s first Search Evangelist, Adam is dedicated to building stronger relationships between Google and webmasters. Prior to joining Google in 2006, Adam held online communications and advertising positions at a mix of small and large companies. He was also an Interactive Strategist at the high tech PR firm Niehaus Ryan Wong, helping clients understand and leverage the power of online communities.

Throughout his career, Adam has written comprehensive search engine optimization reports, managed sponsored ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, and provided broad  communications consulting to successful startup companies.

Adam earned a BS in Communications and Political Science from Northwestern University, and an MBA and J.D. from Indiana University.

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Bio from my time at Niehaus Ryan Wong (1999-2001)

Written sometime in 2000, I think.

For 18 years of his life, Adam lived relatively peacefully in the 2nd safest medium-sized city in the country. He was a classical pianist, a near-straight-‘A’ student, a defiant band and choir geek, creator of an in-school singing telegram service (“The Birthday Brigade”) and a late-night pre-internet bulletin board junkie with his state-of-the-art Apple II+ computer. Think Corey Haim’s “Lucas.” Think War Games. Think Different.

And think Trend-setting. Not only was Adam “wired” before it was cool to be a geek, he also ventured way out to the midwest for his undergrad, despite confused protestations from his friends who demanded to know why he wasn’t going to “a real school.” And shortly after Adam earned his Political Science and Communication degrees from Northwestern University, the Wildcats were esteemed participating guests at the Rose Bowl, and the school was then seen (even in the eyes of Adam’s former friends) as a “real school.” Coincidence? You decide.

After making it through NU, Adam knew he was ready for anything in life. He had survived Valentine’s Day caroling outside in one of Chicago’s famed blizards, and also made it through living simultaneously with not one, not two, but three near-homicide-inducing roommates from hell in one smallish dorm room. Adam also joined the NU crew (rowing) team out of peer pressure, and still fails to see the allure of 5am rowing sessions. Compared to this, his classes were a piece of cake!
Then came the “finding himself” post-grad year. Holding normal jobs (like legal secretary) by day, and doing cool but decidely un-lucrative stuff (like orchestra conducting) at night, Adam led a busy and entertaining existence. Nonetheless, the lure of returning to academia was too strong to refuse, so Adam once again packed his bags for the midwest (this time at good ol’ Indiana University) to pursue a joint JD / MBA degree, focusing on International Electronic Communications and Commerce.

During an internship and subsequent “real job,” Adam decided to justify the International part of his academic major by working for an Information Technology Consulting company in Germany, helping to research and implement an American subsidiary. From handling business plan writing to marketing to HR challenges and beyond, Adam served as a tireless generalist in both the original Mannheim office and the new Boston office. On the weekends, however, he metamorphasized into a spur-of-the-moment Eurailpass-holding traveler, doing his best to blend in with local cultures in more than a dozen European countries… sampling clubs, wandering through street fairs, and even paragliding from the Swiss Alps (see picture above).

Adam soon grew weary of the IT Consulting world, however, and moved back to his humble roots in Thousand Oaks, California to find a job where he could use both the creative and technical parts of his brain, yet still be with decidedy cool, interesting, and mostly-sane colleagues. Thankfully, he was successful in this endeavor 🙂

While happily settled into the NRW family in the Interactive Bureau, Adam still enjoys his life outside the office by soaking in music and fitness stuff. And in the wee hours of the morning, you’ll still find Adam glowing by monitor light as he continues to work on his admittedly wacky website at Stop on by the site, or better yet, if you’re in NRW-land, visit Adam in Area 52.


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