Florida 2015

Friday:  Flying to Ft. Lauderdale, arriving around 5pm.  Staying at a humble Hampton Inn just for the night to get some rest after my flight.

Saturday:  Holding an alligator on an Everglades full-day tour, and then checking into this resort for just $89/night + points :). Happily, this is the same hotel that my team is staying at for the Monday-to-Thursday conference!

Sunday:  Lounging at the beach and around the resort.

Mon-Thu:  Conference time!

Thu:  4 night cruise to Key West and Nassau in an oceanview (vs. inside) room. $350 shipboard credit means I’ll have plenty of drinks to keep me happy, and maybe a massage :).

Mon (Nov 23):  Ship arrives back at 7am (!), flight doesn’t leave until 6:16pm, so I’ll either pay an extra $59 to lounge on the ship for the afternoon or kick it around Ft. Lauderdale.  For $20, the ship will actually courier my suitcase directly to the airline and have it checked in for me, so I can just wander around with a day pack :-).  My flight arrives back at SFO around 9:45pm, so I’ll likely be home just a bit before 11pm, and then back to work the next day (!).


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