A gym jolt

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Recently I decided to FINALLY go back to the gym.

Looking through the schedule, I settled on a “Camp 24” class. I figured, how bad could camp be? You know, Camp Snoopy, leisure camping, and so on.

D’oh. It was a BOOT CAMP class!

Hurdling, crab walks, squats, 5,132,781 pushups, situps, and so on. Ouch ouch ouch ouch!

Boy am I sore!

One of the interesting parts was when the instructor — a so-adorable-why-is-she-teaching-this-class woman — explained just why we were there.

“To help you get through this… think of your spouse! This is the way you appeal to your spouse… getting all toned, fit, full of energy…”

“But what if we don’t have a spouse!” I stammered, in between situps.

“Pray!” she suggested.

“To get a spouse, or to get through this class?” I persisted.

“Both,” she answered.

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  • Paul Dec 20, 2008 Link Reply

    LOL.  I’d rather just lift weights by myself than deal with that.  But maybe you’ll meet another women in the class.  🙂

  • George Oct 28, 2009 Link Reply

    Endurance excercises suck.  Women are easy to find in such classes though.

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