A look back at Adam’s web sites (from 2005!)


Sites I once created & managed… (updated April 22, 2013)

(the old) AdamLasnik.net

This is essentially lasnik.net (see below) version 1.5.  I decided to go with this new domain name to avoid so rudely pretending to represent a corner on the web on behalf of all Lasniks :).  Also, this gave me an excuse to start
with a new 3-column stylesheet and play “webmaster” for a bit with a new site to experience up close and personal how Google and other search engines crawl and index the web, play with the search engines’ webmaster tools, and so on.

SwingTalk — The Bay Area’s Lindy Hop and Swing Dances Forum

In mid-2002, the Bay Area Lindy Hop (swing dancing) community was frustratingly fragmented, with dead forums scattered all over the place. There was no active hub where swing dancers could get detailed event info, swap tips and encouragement, share rides, and so on. So, along with Dave Wong and other Lindy Hop leaders in the community, I named and co-founded SwingTalk, which has remained a robust meeting place for dancers to this day  remained until I think around 2008 or 2009.

BLADAM: Life, Liberty, Love and Stuff

BLADAM (goofily derived from “Blatherings of Adam” or, more kindly, “Blog of Adam”) is my first fleshed-out blog after years of denying that blogging was anything more than an annoying passing fad.

Blogging is still perceived by many, indeed, as merely a passing fad… but as of mid-2004, I’m getting about 15,000 visits per month, which suggests that it’s at least still a rather popular fad (or people are just very, very bored… or both).

My blog includes commentary and photos on everything from international travel to Lindy Hop to fat sea lions and much more… sometimes short and snarky, sometimes long and sweet.
UPDATE:  Officially, I’ve been blogging since 2002 (!), but alas, I’ve sometimes gone up to a full year without posting an entry :(.

Lindy Hop Whiteboard Supreme

As they say, many grand sites are launched for silly little reasons. I wanted a way to easily learn about pics and videos posted by my Lindy Hop (swing dancing) friends… so I decided to create a Lindy Hop wysiwyg wiki. Alas, the only “lindyhop” domain I could get was .ws, so I ended up creatively calling it a “whiteboard supreme” 😀 Hopefully Lindy Hoppers from around the world will contribute to it for the years to come… and on a related note, I hope to be able to keep it fully open (no registration required) for as long as possible until the spambots find it <sigh>.
UPDATE:  I decided to throw in the towel and leave lindy hop event calendar stuff to people much more motivated than I am.


Me, me, me. That pretty much summed up this lasnik.net site.

I established the domain in late 2003, but didn’t begin building anything on it until mid-2004. It’s the place I sent clients, potential clients, and potential employers… many of whom had apparently been disconcerted
to see my résumé on an “unprofessionally-named and overly goofy*” site like my SmileZone [see below]. Hopefully those same humorless boobs have not found their way to this page ;).

* Yes, a recruiter really did use those words.

Adam’s SmileZone

Adam’s SmileZone is about Everything to Make You Smile™. Er, alas, it was. Created in 1997, and initially hosted on a personal Web server during my limited grad school free time, I laid it to rest in early 2006. To my surprise, amusement, and gratefulness, it had attracted as many as 75,000 monthly visitors and earned as much as $11,000 in monthly revenues, though the post-dot.com-boom numbers were admittedly a bit more modest.

It was, as they say, lots of fun while it lasted… but it just became too difficult for me to manage an active community and update various content-bits on my SmileZone while also maintaining my other sites, keeping my day job, and actually having a life away from the glowing monitor screens.

RIAA Amnesty

RIAA Amnesty was my parody-answer to the RIAA’s ludicrous “Amnesty” program for file sharers.

Alas, the RIAA discontinued that farce, and with it, the news coverage — and my site’s raisons d’être — largely disappeared :|. I hope you still get got a chuckle out of the site nonetheless.

Lindy Hop Hosting

Lindy Hop Hosting was my (intentionally) little effort to help friends and fellow swing dancers get ridiculously inexpensive or free space for hosting their Web site. Given the uber-cheapness and increased hand-holding of many Web hosts nowadays, I decided to throw in the towel.

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