A new Google service: GoogleTimeTravel

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On the new GoogleGroups2 beta test service, it was noted that a recent note was dated January, a few months prior to the day it was supposedly first seen.

Small minds suggested that this was a bug. But some of us know better!

I replied, out of the goodness of my heart, with the following detailed explanation:

> But isn’t this May?

Well, yes and no. You’ve actually stumbled upon a parallel Google beta service, called GoogleTimeTravel. In order to maximize advertising revenues via reverse predictive analysis, Google has begun testing a method for warping the time-space e-continuum, which facilitates the pre-projective dating of message postings.

Therefore, while to us it may seem that a particular message was posted in May, it was only conceived at that time… and actually rendered and published in January of this year. In this way, Google can show the most appropriate and lucrative ads on that posting by reflecting upon earlier ad-targeting ROI information.

* * *

One might argue that running so many concurrent beta tests could be perceived as a liability, or even a threat to the very fabric of time-space PR when people realize that Google stock they buy in July is subsequently revalued to the lower strike price of March. But one cannot, nay, should not doubt the very genius of lean-but-un-hungry Googlers in their labs, if only because doing so might render one’s Web site invisible 😉

Prescient regards,

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  • Mark Mar 10, 2008 Link Reply

    Nice services,
    but mostly it’s usage for G is to do more and more advertisement and getting more and more money through it.

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