’s got… food?!

Just when you thought couldn’t branch out any further… now they’re featuring Restaurant Menus for Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C.

Nothing technically brilliant here… just relatively clean scans of the restaurants’ menus. Also, the search for restaurants in/near an area code feature doesn’t seem to be working.

But still, the offering is pretty fun and helpful! 🙂 I can now either throw away those old menus clogging up my desk space… or I can go the other direction and print out updated ones via Bon appetit!

UPDATE January 8, 2006
It seems that has discontinued this service. Bummer.



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    You know, when I think of Amazon, I think of Google and eBay. The ‘jack of all trades’ use em when you can’t find it anywhere or need more information..And yet somehow they are loosing money? Where did Google and eBay go so right and they are still lacking?

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