An ugly prodigy

The MovableType software which powers this blog is geeky in the most stereotypically geek sense.

Brilliant. Different. And fugly.

While the control panel is reasonably elegant… Lord, couldn’t the brilliant authors of this software have come up with (or bribed others to come up with) some decent looking style templates? 🙂

And I don’t wanna hear any of this, “Well, if you’re so hot and bothered by the aesthetics of this software, why are you using it, and why aren’t you getting off your (assumedly) fat ass and making/contributing your own styles?”

My answers:
– MovableType is, from what I’ve heard, the most powerful and stable blogging tool out there. And indeed, so far, so good!
– I’m a musician, Jim, not an visual artist or a CSS programmer.
– Because I can.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog while I go back and continue the drudgerous but IMHO at-least-somewhat-important task of manually (blah!) importing my former blog entries from Radio/Salon.







One response to “An ugly prodigy”

  1. Karen Avatar

    I agree,
    I just installed MT and it is a nice thing. I did my style sheet first becarse it was the easy part, now I have to look at those templates.
    Nice job you did here.

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