…and how about the Meaning of Life while you’re at it?

This morning I received the following unsolicited but non-spam e-mail (sent via my message board), which I feel wholly un-guilty about reposting here in its entirety:

Please help ne understand a little bit of the internet.

As you can imagine, I’m rather baffled about this, and not quite where to start. However, since the sender’s domain is “ihavepms.com,” I know that I better reply quickly and soothingly and somehow include the words, “You look beautiful, honey, you really do!”



  1. We get stuff like that sent in all the time to our FAQ’s…
    (in spanish)
    What is Internet?
    What is WWW?
    Please tell me all I need to know to make webpages!

    We’re thinking of removing the ‘Submit a question’ soon…

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