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This morning I received the following unsolicited but non-spam e-mail (sent via my message board), which I feel wholly un-guilty about reposting here in its entirety:

Please help ne understand a little bit of the internet.

As you can imagine, I’m rather baffled about this, and not quite where to start. However, since the sender’s domain is “ihavepms.com,” I know that I better reply quickly and soothingly and somehow include the words, “You look beautiful, honey, you really do!”


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  • masadelante Aug 27, 2003

    We get stuff like that sent in all the time to our FAQ’s…
    (in spanish)
    What is Internet?
    What is WWW?
    Please tell me all I need to know to make webpages!

    We’re thinking of removing the ‘Submit a question’ soon…

  • thai silk Dec 13, 2009

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