Bad luck blues


When it rains it pours. Wednesday, I stubbed the big toe on my left foot, right before I was supposed to meet a friend for a kickboxing class. I went anyway… macho-like and yeah, in pain.

Thursday, while taking out the garbage (stupidly in my bare feet), I noticed a parking ticket on my car, which was parked in my own ($&*! driveway, for goodness sake.

Apparently, those charmers in the Department of Parking enforcement were a little low on their quota for the month, so they swept through San Francisco neighborhoods looking for cars in driveways that were — even barely — jutting out into the sidewalk.

The fine? $75. Ouch!

And double-ouch, when — in my anger and frustration — I stumbled walking back upstairs, and stubbed the big toe on my right foot, making it a rather bloody mess.

Thoroughly pissed off at the world by this point, I laid in my bed reading some old Dilbert comics to cheer myself up… and completely forgot about my 7pm Advanced Lindy class with two of my favorite instructors.

Then again, I probably wasn’t in any shape to be Lindy’ing anyway. I stayed home for the rest of the night and sulked. Quite effectively, too, I might add.

Luckily, the next days were considerably better to me, and I’ll definitely write about those… perhaps soon 🙂

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  • Adam Jan 27, 2003 Link Reply

    Well, after posting a note in the community section of CraigsList to bitch about the ridiculous parking ticket, a journalist from the major SF “Examiner” paper contacted me for an interview!  Chatted with him for about 15 minutes this afternoon, and I’m eager to see the article he writes.  I’ll post a link here when I come across it.

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