Beware the Googlewock, my son!

So I was applying to work at Acme. Inc., a fitness-related company that specializes in stuff that is close to my heart (no pun intended). I checked out their Web site and while I didn’t find a current job opening that was appropriate for me, I decided to send a cover letter to the HR address listed to suggest some specific online community work I could do for them (and why it’d help their bottom line). I figured that even if my specific offer didn’t interest them, they could at least keep my info ‘on file,’ right?

“” was the e-mail address listed on their site, and being the enterprising soul I am, I decided to Google “pcanthos.” Up came several hits for “Paul Canthos” in a context that clearly demonstrated this was the same guy… with many forum posts dealing with triathalons and nutrition issues! Woo hoo! With such a (likely) rare name unmasked, I could now smartly write, “Dear Mr. Canthos,” instead of the more gender neutral, “To whom it may concern.”

And I did.

I wrote a passionate and extremely targeted note to Mr. Canthos, detailing how I could increase Acme’s profitability by extending their online community and creating valuable e-mail newsletters for them to send to their large and loyal customer base.

And I received a very curt two line reply.

Please check our website for currently open positions. When you find a position posted that you’d like to be considered for, please send your resume at that time.

And it was from a PAMELA Canthos.


Did I mention that I hate job searching?



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  1. Harald Avatar

    Hahaha! I’m also looking for a job, so I know what it’s like (and I’ve made some stupid mistakes too). Good luck!

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