BLADAM has both full and summary feeds available

Hi there,

After noticing that most of my faithful readers who catch my blog via Bloglines and other feed readers are grabbing my summary feed, I wanted to make sure you all knew that I have a full-feed available as well. For those in the un-know, here’s the difference:

– SUMMARY FEED: Contains the first paragraph or so of each entry.
Choose this if you’d just like to skim my entries and visit my site for the full shebang.
– FULL FEED: Contains the entire entry.
Great for those folks who’d rather read it all in their feed readers.

For the URLs (including one-click access to both my summary and full feeds for My Yahoo and Bloglines), please visit my blog’s homepage at You’ll see the XML and other icons on the top left.

I am happy and flattered that 400-500 of you visit my blog each day via my site or my feeds! Thanks so much for reading :-).






What do you think?

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