Blog comment spam

I just deleted probably the 200th comment spam I’ve received on my blog here. And I had finally reached the boiling point.

So I looked up the latest spammer’s domain at, picked up the phone, and gave him a piece of my mind.

He was calm, but confused, and didn’t know what I was talking about. Apparently (and I believe the fella), he had hired someone to do ‘marketing’ for him. I explained to him why the practice of blog spamming is evil and also explained to him why it would suck for me to ‘just turn ’em off’ (the comments).

I suppose it’s pretty slow-going, teaching one spamming company at a time. But maybe I’ve done some good.

(And yes, I know that, especially with the coming of MT 3.0, there are various options involving queued comments, registration, etc. But I shouldn’t have to constantly stay one step ahead of the spammers just to allow others to participate in the community here.)






6 responses to “Blog comment spam”

  1. Dante Avatar

    Thanks for the call. We have taken care of the problem.

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  3. Lauren Avatar

    Have you considered It has comments moderation. I got so sick of being spammed that I converted from b2 to wordpress.

  4. Adam Avatar

    Yep, I’ve definitely considered it, but in the end, I decided that it’d take too much work to do a good conversion of this current blog over to WP… templates, plugins, and all.

    For my upcoming blogs, I *AM* considering WP… along with MT 3.0, and ExpressionEngine.

    With that said, though, I don’t really like the idea of moderated comments all that much.  Not that I get a real flood of fascinating comments currently, but I’m loathe to put a delay into my blog’s community feedback system, especially when I’m traveling!

    Anyway, Lauren, thanks for the note 🙂

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  6. emma Avatar

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