Busy busy busy!

I won’t subject you (or me!) to another 4 month blog hiatus, but… my life is increasingly busy, so updates may be sparse for a while. As an example, this week (in addition to continuing to work two jobs as usual…), here’s my schedule:

– Mon: Auditioning for a Stanford performing group
– Tue: Dinner with a friend, Halloween party
– Wed: Another Halloween party + dancing

– Thu: Swing dancing at the 9:20 Special
– Fri: Halloween party
– Sat: Birthday party
– Sun: Swing dancing in the park

I’m also working on a substantial academic-type paper on Social Networking (will publish it or a link here soon, hopefully!), beta testing some very cool but complex services, and doing advance-research/reading for a fascinating conference I’m attending in less than two weeks.

So this week, I’ll be (as usual) getting up around 7am for my first job, working up ’til lunch, going to my afternoon job, then heading off straight from there to an audition or party or dance, getting home around midnight, and doing it all again. In the meantime, I suppose if I leave my dishes in the sink long enough, helpful and friendly bacteria will eat the food scrap remains, eliminating the need for me to either buy a dishwasher, hire a dishwasher, or dishwash in my sleep. Hey, I already outsource my laundry :D. Don’t think I’ll be able to outsource sleep, though. I guess that’s what lunchbreaks are for.

In the meantime, thanks for sticking by my blog through thick and thin and, uh, long periods of emptiness. And yeah, I’ll clean up the UI soon, with or without the help of e-bacteria. 🙂






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  1. Ryan Schultz (Quiplash) Avatar

    Uhmmm, Adam? 

    I recognize this pattern ‘cuz I used to do it myself (ask my friends; I was once infamous for packing two or three events into every evening after work). 

    It’s all go-go-go until you burn out and hit the brick wall.  Trust me, I’ve been through it and lived to tell the tale 😀 you need to step back and take a look at what you MUST do versus what you WANT to do.

    (“Yes Dad”)  LOL

    Don’t worry about the blog for now, just post every six months so we know you’re still alive 😀

    —Ryan (Quiplash).

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