CBS execs are a bunch of boobs

As you’ve probably already heard, CBS refused to air a thoughtful ad on the SuperBowl that attempts to get people thinking about our country’s debt load on our children and grandchildren. CBS execs didn’t offer much in the way of an explanation except for some lame excuse about consistently refusing to run “issue” ads.

Of course, they ran an ad equating drug use to terrorism, but I guess that’s not really an issue, right?

Following the SuperBowl this evening, CBS execs loudly and frantically issued an apology.

“CBS deeply regrets the incident,” spokeswoman LeslieAnne Wade said.

But she wasn’t referring to CBS’ odious stiffling of important discourse or penchant for featuring clueless twits like Diane Sawyer.

Nope. It was something far, far scarier and threatening to the fabric of our society.

The network showed a quick glimpse of Janet Jackson’s naked breast!

Oh, the horrors! A woman’s naked breast for a fleeting second!

Puleeeeaze. Why on earth are Americans so obscenely UPTIGHT? It’s a breast, for goodness sake. It was made, some would say, by that very God so many of the same uptight folks love to publicly acknowledge and quote from.

But it gets worse. Check out this guy’s foaming at the mouth:

By allowing such disgusting spectacles, the NFL degrades every athlete who took thousands of body blows though the long football season to reach the Super Bowl. This is their moment. It dare not be stolen away by Neanderthalic music miscreants.

Rabbi Schmuley Boteach in a WorldNet Daily article.

Personally, if I had kids, I’d much rather they be admiring a nice pair of breasts (heck, even one breast) instead of watching a bunch of dumb jocks slamming into each and slapping each others’ asses. I mean, really, who are the neanderthals here, Mr. Boteach?

Actually, no, I shouldn’t be mocking the athletes here. We prudish, hypocritical Americans are a much bigger and much more deserving target.

Only in America would TV networks gleefully and graphically depict several thousand murders and other violent crimes yearly (via dramas and ‘infotainment’) but then hurriedly and deeply apologize for a fleeting moment of nudity.

It’s like the old saying goes: It’s okay to hack off someone’s breast in a movie; just, for Godssake, don’t show anyone kissing another’s breast!

{Sigh} It’s times like this when I really miss living in the overall much-more-sane Eureopean continent.


  1. I just read about that.

    For goodness sake, you can’t tell me the government has nothing better to do with its time and money right now!

    Regarding the 9/11 Intelligence committee, Bush is insisting that they wrap stuff up, and is refusing to grant any extensions so that the committee can do more research.

    But finding out about a 2 second boob shot on TV? That somehow warrants government attention.

    Then again, this seems to fit pretty snugly with our current screwed up political climate and warped culture.  Someone in office gets repeated blowjobs and lies about ‘em?  Impeachment.  Someone distorts and/or attempts to cover up intelligence records to send our country into war?  Not even a slap on the wrist.

    Bunch of boobs indeed.

  2. Well, here’s my thought on the thing, Adam… first of all, the Super Bowl is being promoted as a family event. Something that people 2 to 92 can watch and be involved in. In fact, Viacom’s kiddie outreach program (Nickelodeon) had a special hour on CBS to promote the Super Bowl from a kid’s prospective.

    The fact that this happened during what has been touted a family event is very unfortunate. And since the FCC IS responsible for enforcing broadcast decency standards (and NOT trying to figure out errors in 9/11 intellegence), it falls well into the purveyance of the Federal Government. After all, the airwaves (suppposedly) belong to the people, and the people have called for some type of standards in free broadcast.

    Looking at it from another view, the United States Government is responsible for making sure that business “follow the rules” when it comes to dealing with stocks, trading, and general business practices, right? The same principles apply to airwaves.

    If I were to go off and just talk about the dirtiest, filtiest, most obscene material on my radio show, not only would I would be fired from my job immediately, but I would also face a pretty hefty fine from the FCC. CBS and MTV should be held to the same standards of decency that other broadcasters must follow. If the FCC fails to do anything about it, I’m going to be PISSED!

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