Celebrating Love

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Many folks asked me how my Valentine’s Day was. As a single-but-not-angsty guy, I noted that the following made my Valentine’s Day a happy one:
– My roommate is dating a really nice guy.
– I’m blessed with great friends and family.
– Hundreds of people in my city of San Francisco — who happen to love someone of the same sex — have gotten married.

In particular, these pictures warm my heart.

How anyone can deny the goodness and rightfulness and wonderfulness of all of this is far beyond my comprehension.

Of course, not too many years ago, the majority of Americans were against those damn coloreds mingling with — and merciful heavens, marrying — “our kind.”

Times have changed. And so, too, will this unchristian, immoral, and simply wrong-headed discrimination against gays and lesbians thankfully go the way of slavery.

In the meantime, I am doing my best to look beyond the sad resistance of those who misguidedly cling to the ‘sanctity of marriage’ in the face of heterosexual divorce and adultery and instead celebrate the current triumphs in this war on intolerance.

And of course, a big Mazel Tov to all the new married couples! 🙂 May their union be long and joyful.

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  • Stew Feb 26, 2004 Link Reply

    Dah, I spent the V-day curled up to the warm sweetness of a bottle of whiskey and a bad breath burger.

  • Adam Feb 26, 2004 Link Reply

    And see?  That’d not be as likely if you had to deal with someone else!  Not many people appreciate bad burger breath 😀

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