ColdPlay – Why on earth are they so popular?!

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At a friend’s urging, I decided to give a listen to ColdPlay. I checked out more than half-a-dozen tracks, and I’m honestly baffled as to this group’s appeal.

Where’s the joy? Any sense of humor? Or even a friggin’ smile on their album covers for goodness sake?

Could a ColdPlay fan please clue me in? Is there a specific song I should hear? Is there some magical quality I’m simply missing here?

In the meantime, I’ll bop in my chair to Moxy Fruvous, Brave Combo, and other groups that don’t take themselves so damn seriously.

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  • J. Jun 9, 2005 Link Reply

    Overrated.  Go for The Stars ( instead.  But I think I’ve said this already.

  • Punisher Jun 10, 2005 Link Reply

    its only good if you are in love.. green eyes, god put a smile on your face, politik, everything is not lost.

  • dido May 14, 2006 Link Reply

    coldplay are great. i won’t argue with anyone. i just like their music and that’s all. if u don’t like ‘em u don’t have to listen to them

  • Jesse Jun 26, 2008 Link Reply

    Why is Coldplay so popular?

    That, my friend is one of the great questions of our time. I too have set along the path to illumination to discover how such an incredibly horrible bunch of wankers can seemingly be so popular. Sadly I only have questions and no answers.

  • Mayzenblue Feb 8, 2009 Link Reply

    No clue as to why this band is popular… Suck comes to mind when I think of them, and whining…

  • Leni Feb 10, 2009 Link Reply

    I think Coldplay is another one of those “Emperor’s New Clothes” band.  Most of the songs sound the same.  Arena rock, stadium rock—whatever you want to call it—is boring.  It reminds me of U-2 (I guess they’re U-2 wannabees)—another band who’s sound doesn’t do it for me.  I guess the sheer volume and grandiosity pumps people up who need to be hit over the head with something in order to respond.  And Chris Martin just races from one end of the stage to the next or jumps up and down—his moves are super dorky.  Maybe if they tightened up their act and hired a choreographer it would be more interesting.

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