Comments are now back

Ack! I was just informed (Thanks, Bee!) that y’all have been unable to post comments for weeks now. Why didn’t someone tell me before? Aaaaaaaagh!

And here I was feeling so unloved. :O

On a more substantive note… stay tuned (e.g., add this page to your Favorites) because within 10 days, I’ll be posting some very informative and DETAILED inside info on the new (legal!) Napster 2.0. Most mere mortals cannot try the service out until October 29th, but yours truly… bwah hah hah hah! I will tell all 😉 For those who are impatient, you can at least read my earlier intro to the Napster service here.






3 responses to “Comments are now back”

  1. Web Site Hosting Company Avatar

    And after that posting no one even bothered to post you a comment here…just to show the love =)

  2. Adam Avatar

    Well, obviously you’re a kind mensch yourself (discounting the potential link savvy :D)

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