Death of courtesy, part II

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This is not an original lament. And I am cranky. So I’ll keep this short.

I’m sick and tired of people lacking a sense of common courtesy, respect, and responsibility.

When someone promises, that promise should be kept. Or at minimum, apologies should be forthcoming.

I’m tired of people not having the courtesy to RSVP even after a personal invite. Or worse, accepting an invitation, then bowing out at last minute due to a ‘better offer.’

Some of it, I think, is San Francisco. People mistake laid-back for not-a-care which is ever so close to I-don’t-care.

Well, I care. And it hurts. Maybe I should care less.

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  • Harald Nov 18, 2002 Link Reply

    Apologies? Drinks, at least!

  • h0ly Feb 6, 2008 Link Reply

    lol i am cranky as well! yet a good way to relief yourself from it is to drink something 😀

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