Disclaimers (no, I DON’T speak for [x])

about my sites

My blog has helped me get new jobs. It has also lost me at least one job.

Additionally, as I’ve seen my comments here and elsewhere on the Web alternately praised and skewered, I’ve become increasingly concerned when seeing “…and he works for [x]” attached.

So it’s long overdue for me to set the record straight, and I’ll make the best effort possible to update this entry as my affiliations change.

Disclaimer about this disclaimer:
Everyone has biases… even some they’re not aware of. When uncertain about my preconceptions or affiliations, please ask before assuming. Thanks.

My affiliations

  • Google
    I am not an employee or contractor at Google and I do not speak for them. I make money from their AdSense program as a Webmaster, and — both privately and via Intrapromote (see below) — I earn money by offering AdWords strategy and implementation assistance. I enjoy playing with Google’s Lab (beta) products. And lastly, I am friends with several Google employees (certainly not uncommon for those living in the Bay Area :D).
  • Intrapromote
    I was the Director of Paid Seach for Intrapromote, now I’m a mere consultant, assisting clients with their AdWords and Overture campaigns. I do not speak for Intrapromote, nor do my comments posted here or elsewhere (in the past or in the future) necessarily match those of my employer.
  • Plaxo
    I have done consulting for Plaxo. I do not speak for Plaxo, nor do my comments posted here and elsewhere (in the past or in the future) necessarily match those of my employer (noticing a trend here?).

You can learn more about my ongoing projects here.

I hope this puts an end to (or at least reduces) speculation about any ulterior motives or conflicts of interest I may have.

Thanks for reading.

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