Divine Double-D Divas Do Derivatives. D’oh!

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I’m not kidding.

All I can say is… I would have enjoyed calculus a whole lot more if I had had teachers like this (and believe it or not, one of the featured “teachers” in this video is seriously smart!) Not saying I would have actually learned or remembered more… okay, yeah, this video is embarrasingly bad, but it still gave me a chuckle. I’ve heard of naked news anchorwomen, but bikini’d calculus lessons? If this doesn’t herald the fall of Western Civilization as we know it… 😀

Ahem. Okay, well, the substantive take-away from this entry? You can already find most anything on Google Video… now Flash-based (no more Google Player!) and enriched with handy-dandy in-page 15-second previews, automatic resizing, and more. [hat tip: Google BlogNewsChannel]

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  • James Apr 7, 2008 Link Reply

    I have heard about it before 2 years ago. but here don’t know how much they people got success in the news industry.
    I think it’s the against our family and social values.

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