Dixie Chicks AND Charleton Heston?!

So a South Carolina House Presentative thinks the Dixie Chicks owe a free concert to military folks. No matter, of course, that Natalie Maines didn’t utter a single word of disrespect towards any military person at all. We KNOW she secretly hates all of them, right?

Well, I have a matching idea for a free performance:

I think entertainer Charleton Heston — outspoken National Rifle Association President — ought to give a free performance to all those families he’s insulted with his aggressive (and IMHO rather offensive) pro-assualt-rifle rhetoric… particularly families who’ve lost one or more relatives to gun violence.

And hey, while we’re at it, I’m sure there are plenty of other Republican entertainers who could stand to offer a free performance or two. In the ultimate show of irony, perhaps one of our typically-right-leaning country music singers (many of whom regularly insulted Bill Clinton — former President and Commander in Chief) could also perform some free concerts for military men and women. Maybe even sharing the stage with Natalie? Wouldn’t THAT be a great love-fest 😀



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12 responses to “Dixie Chicks AND Charleton Heston?!”

  1. Gerald Berry Avatar
    Gerald Berry

    President who?  The Draft Dodger in Chief? 

    Jerry Berry
    Salida, Co.

  2. beej Avatar


  3. Tiffany Avatar

    To the site owner,
    Natalie has a right not speech
    but when it is hurtful to people
    like the President and the people
    of Texas she needs to quit talking.
    She made military moral go WATY
    down because they felt the
    chick”ens” did not support
    them.  How sad for these
    people.  The woman, Natalie,
    has not written 1 song in her
    life, yet criticies Toby Keith
    for his song.  Man that takes
    a lot of cruelness.  She is
    just plain mean and hateful. 
    And the FUTK…..how unsensitive
    and disrespectable.  She says
    that FUTK stands for something else.
    Oh please, how dumb does she think her
    former fans are.  She is just trash
    in my family and friends eyes. 
    I think about the FUTK shirt and
    am amazed that someone had the
    gall to wear that on TV.  But,
    then I rememberd it was Natalie Maines.
    The woman that loves to hurt
    her country.

    I feel so sorry for Slade if he is ever
    drafted or joins the ilitary
    by his own choice.  His mom’s words will
    never be forgotten and he will
    be the one to suffer the most from
    her selfishness.


  4. Terrie Avatar

    I would be very surprised if any military personnel were “hurt” or let their morale slip because they perceived (IMO incorrectly) something derogatory about the military or themselves personally in something that Natalie said.  Her comments were about president Bush and Toby Keith and personally I doubt if either of them cares much about her opinion of him. 

    I think Natalie is HUGELY talented with a big mouth and poor judgement.  I don’t think she “owes” anyone anything…she exercised her right to free speech.  I’m sort of dissapponted in my fellow Americans for thinking she shouldn’t have that right.

    Was it in poor taste? yes.  Was it a bad career move? probably.  Will it stop me from tuning in if she’s TALKING on a talk show or interview? probably.  Does it effect my feelings for her voice or her music?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.

  5. Nancy Dvorchak Avatar
    Nancy Dvorchak

    I would sure like to send the article about Ann Margaret and her respect for our beloved military.  I think the Dixie Chicks should be greatful for our Boys fighting for their freedom so they   can keep trying to sing and become richer.  SHAME SHAME ON YOU.  I refuse to buy any of your albums and I will never listen to your so called music again.

  6. Jeana Avatar

    As the country mag put it, “Why won’t the Dixie Chicks just shut up and sing?”

  7. robert Avatar

    i believe republicans do what they have to atleast they dont act like hippy anti-gun anti american terrorist who try to take the united comstitution and amendments and say its illegal for decent americans cant have guns what are the types of people thinking this is not britain this america these types of people who try to take away guns are a type of terrorist themselves and i will vote for bush next election just to make democrates feel less than human because thats the way they make me feel trying to take away my freedom the heck with these types of people un-american i say look what they have done in certain states i dont even feel they are apart of the us many states act like guns are illegal these states should be viewed as terrorist states because they try to take away the second amendment that should be illegal and states should get in trouble for this folks

  8. Adam Lasnik Avatar

    [taking deep breath]… and Vanna?  I’d like a period, please.

  9. Saundra Avatar

    I think the Dixie Chicks are very very talented and am sad that Natalie chose to slam our President in a foreign country. At first I felt sorry for the other girls but after watching the Diane Sawyer interview, it was apparent that they shared the same views.  I think it was inconsiderate of them not to respect their fans who do not share their views.  It is not a good idea to talk religion or politics in the work place.  I felt offended that Natalie thinks her opinion is more important than mine.  Why would I want to financially support someone who does not respect “ALL” of her fans.  The Dixie Chicks are in a “free” country and they most certainly can freely express their political views.  I, too, have the right to stop buying their CD’s and going to their concerts which furthers their careers and gives them a platform to disrespect my heartfelt views.  I think it is arrogant on their part to feel like they have been thrown into the political arena and now feel compelled to be even more politically active.  They put themselves there because they are full of themselves……………………………

  10. Matt Avatar

    I proudly support the NRA and think that we deserve the right to own guns. Also God bless Charleton Heston for the great job that he’s doing.

  11. alex stankus Avatar

    i do think that we need guns because what if we were in a situation where we needed one and we didn’t have one

  12. Brandon Avatar

    Doesn’t anyone have spell check? 

    A wise man once said, “Don’t underestimate the stupidity of people”.  Oh so true those words echo while reading this.  I am a veteran of the Iraqi war.  Although I don’t believe what she said offended me, the perception wasn’t taken lightly by the US Armed Forces. I agree with Terrie “Was it in poor taste? yes.  Was it a bad career move? probably.  Will it stop me from tuning in if she’s TALKING on a talk show or interview? probably” But anti-American – no, anti-military – no.  She practiced the same freedom you have when you reply back saying I’m an idiot.  You want to defend the military, volunteer with the USO – Don’t bash an artist for generating publicity.

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