Eat high-fat high-carb food and lose weight!

It sounds crazy because it is!

On Saturday night, I went hog wild and ate a double cheeseburger plus fries at In’N’Out, then walked to Krispy Kreme and downed three donuts (no, I’m not pregnant or depressed… I don’t know what came over me!)

But wait — that was just the beginning. I then went straight to a party whereby I ate copious amounts of chips, cookies, brownies, and chocolate. Oh yeah, and a cup of ice cream. Got home at 2am, was still hungry, and ate some more chips. Yum! {buuuuuuurp}

No, this is not my typical eating behavior.

Anyway, here’s the kicker:

Two days later, I weigh about same, but my body fat measures about 2.5% less!

Incidentally, I’ve noticed a similar trend over the last year. In the days following massive eating binges (e.g., a huge steak burrito, 32 ounce drink, plus greasy taqueria chips, etc.), I consistently seem to have either lost pounds or fat. During the next days when I return to more sensible eating habits, I gain weight.

So what’s the moral here? I don’t know! But I’m now sure not going to shirk away from occasional burger-‘n’-donut cravings 😀


  1. Wow, if I ever did that it would have been the opposite result for me.

    Since that is not your usual eating habits it could have been a result of the splurge.  Chances are if you were like that on a regular basis you would gain weight. 🙂

    Nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while.

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