Enjoying a sunny weekend in Rome

With none of my fellow interns willing to tag along with me, I braved my first big train trip alone. I managed to get frightfully lost there because I was stupid and cheap and relied upon a free “Map of Rome” that was sponsored by McDonald’s of all places.

My lost meanderings were every bit as interesting as my planned wanderings, though. And I got an extra 4 hours of exercise!

One additional tidbit: The men in Rome (and, from what I’ve gathered, in Italy overall) are just like they’re often described in terms of how they pursue women… particularly blondes. I saw women being chased (playfully), wooed, serenaded, kissed, begged, and proposed to — and that was just in the two days I visited Rome! Incidentally, upon meeting and befriending a trio of delightfully friendly and attractive German-Spanish sisters on the train, I was initially shocked when one of them asked me to “be her boyfriend” while walking together around Rome. Afterwards, I understand what her intent was, but alas, it didn’t help. She got propositioned by would-be suitors in my presence nonetheless.







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