Environmentalists selling sex

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Think green, think sustainable, think sultry and sexy?!  You may laugh, but the “Hot Chix Dig” crew shows that environmentalism is hot, and I’m not just referring to global warming.

So what’s the deal here?  These women believe that awareness is the key to getting people to make real, substantive improvements in the way they treat our planet.  And—as I’m sure you’ll agree—communicating wisdom about conservation and sustainability is a whole lot more engaging (and memorable) when it’s delivered by scantily clad and attractive women.  Or at least it is for straight men and lesbians 😀 (hey, ladies, don’t just complain; I bet hotstudsdig.com is still available!)

Not only can you visit the Hot Chix Dig site and learn about xxxxx, you can also buy their 2009 calendar and show off your fine eco-aware sensibilities to your friends and (if you’re in a particularly easy-going workplace) your colleagues.

If you’re curious, you can learn a bit know more about how the site was born, or you can contact the hot chix dig women yourself with questions or feedback.

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So why am I writing about this?

  • I personally know and respect the founder of the site (“Avida Verde”).
  • I think it’s an intriguing and pretty humorous idea, selling environmentalism with sex and/or vice versa.
  • I’m curious to hear your thoughts.  What do you think the site will accomplish?  Are you inspired? Offended? Impressed? Annoyed? Something else entirely?

I’ll be happy to alert Avida Verde to any comments below. 😀

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  • Jillian Nov 18, 2008 Link Reply

    Number 1 attention getter: Free
    Number 2 attention getter: Sex

    Actually, I don’t think there is anything all that new or novel about it. I’m sure I’m not their target market, but I find the “hot chix” and “hot studs” type of pitches boring. It will probably get some attention from those who like to leer, but I’m not even interested enough to click on the link to take a look at the site. *Yawn*

  • algebeld Nov 18, 2008 Link Reply

    “I?m sure I?m not their target market, but I find the ?hot chix? and ?hot studs? type of pitches boring. It will probably get some attention from those who like to leer, but I?m not even interested enough to click on the link to take a look at the site. *Yawn* “

    Same here. every now and then people protest naked against animal abuse, that’s the way of protesting that generates a lot of buzz.

  • Adam Nov 20, 2008 Link Reply

    Heh, John, go for it! ;-).  Jillian, I agree with you that the free+sex combo is hardly original, but I guess I hadn’t seen it that much in the context of spurring environmental awareness.

    Come to think of it, though, your comment, Algebeld, has reminded me of other related efforts… like sexually-themed ads inviting people to become vegetarians, to stop wearing fur, etc.

    I guess I was just so distracted by the photos that I wasn’t thinking clearly… 😀

    Anyway, thanks for the comments!

  • Adam Nov 20, 2008 Link Reply

    (and darn this geolocation plugin.  I’m in Korea now, not Australia.  I’ll try to get it fixed eventually :-D)

  • Janie Nov 28, 2008 Link Reply

    Sex sells everything these days!

  • AnnaB Dec 2, 2008 Link Reply

    This may be slightly off topic, but I promise it’ll loop back in.

    I was having a tea break in Japantown SF with a friend the day after Thanksgiving dinner.  She brought up that she had been doing some work with a shrink about “getting in touch with her body” (warning, warning, hippie speak!).  I was floored, as this lady seemed so in touch with herself – sensual, sexual, a great dancer, she seemed to be “in her body” already.

    But she admitted that she never really trusted her body, which resulted in all kinds of things like not enjoying sex very much.

    This one episode (although enlightening) wouldn’t have been so striking to me except as a pattern – I have had SOO many of these conversations lately, and all with extremely intelligent women who are super well educated.

    Is there something going on in the academic world in which people are trained to think exclusively with their heads, and get so out of touch with their bodies and sexual selves that they find sex boring?

    I agree that there is nothing new or novel about pitching a product or idea linked in with sex or attractive bodies.

    But just because it’s not new, is it boring?

    Ever curious,

  • Jodi Suguitan Dec 6, 2008 Link Reply

    The growing media presence of “green” is amazing! Nothing like a summer of record gas prices to make people rethink their lifestyles and environmental impact.

  • Jillian Dec 8, 2008 Link Reply

    In response to Anna’s question, perhaps the people you are concerned about are finding sex boring but it may also be a midlife crisis of some sort. I hope your friends find their way through what must be a frustrating time.

    My own though is that sex can be great but it should have its own time and place in a well rounded life. I’m tired of being bombarded with sexual images and messages on every media. Anything in excess is not healthy and I think the advertising and other media that exploits sex (and often women) has reached the tipping point of no longer making the impact they intended.

    Adam, I went to that website just on your suggestion and must say it looks like nothing but an excuse for soft porn. If they want to do porn, they should do it without pretending to be something else. I’m not even against porn. But if someone in my workplace was to put up their calendar we would have harassment issues, big time.

  • Adam Dec 8, 2008 Link Reply

    It’s good to see all the comments!  It’s especially interesting to read some of the blunt (but still respectful criticism) of the idea or implementation, because of the contrast between what you folks are feeling and perceiving vs. what I know of the women involved in the site and calendar.  Both the site and calendar were envisioned by women and created by women, and the ones I know seem pretty sincere about supporting the environment.

    But I admit that I’ve had mixed feelings about the effort as well (though more towards the “I don’t see this as making a dent in global warming” vs. “this is offensive to me”).

    Ahem, but with all that said, I do have to admit that I’m a bit relieved this is no longer the lead entry on my blog.  Even despite *my* good intentions, I can imagine what current/potential partners (business and social) might think 😀

  • Tos Dec 17, 2008 Link Reply

    Ha ha ha, that is a funny idea! They can start doing social things, like stop hunger in Africa!

  • pandu Mar 9, 2009 Link Reply

    Since the environmentalist always says,“Back to Nature” and we’re all born naturally naked, so environment and sex are fully complementary.

  • Andrew Apr 8, 2009 Link Reply

    Im not sure if you guys realized, but all the girls on that site are “Dudes”

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