Fashion vs. fit

A friend of mine recently posted a note (sorry, not publicly accessible) asking people what they thought about fashion.  She’s quite the fashionista… and sadly, I am not.  Here, for your reading pleasure, is the comment I wrote in response to her note:

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Sorry, but I pretty much think negatively of “fashion.”  I see the stuff people wear on catwalks, for instance, and I want to laugh or gag or both.  I see what “fashionable” people wear, particularly ones who push the envelope, and I think… gah, if my friend/family-member wore something like that, I’d hide in embarrassment.

Now in contrast, there’s the concept of fit, which I think is very important (and is something I darn well should be paying better attention to).  Often times, I see what would otherwise be very attractive folks, for instance, wearing clothes that either accentuate a body flaw or failing to wear clothes that accentuate their body strengths.

As a personal example:  I’m pretty short for a guy, so I should apparently not be wearing flashy belts or horizontally striped shirts or other stuff that separate the visual vertical flow of my body, causing me to look shorter.  On a related note, hats and haircuts and glasses and such really ought to be selected according to fit rather than according to the latest fashion to account for differently shaped faces and so on.

These fit considerations, IMHO, are enduring, whereas fashion (or at least my perception of it) is less based in aethetical science and more based upon, ZOMG, [insert name of horrendously overrated actor] is wearing [article of clothing or accessory], so I MUST wear that!!!!!!!!1

In fact, if anything, I find that a slavish attention to fashion results in far too many people looking really awful whereas if these same folks instead focused on better fitting clothing (a custom tailored suit, for instance), they’d look 100x better.







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  1. StephanieKurran Avatar

    Adam, I couldn’t agree with you more. You are spot on.

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