Forget politics, this guy needs DATING help!

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News outlets have been all abuzz about Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich’s “date.”

A political Web site,, chose the New Jersey woman over nearly 80 other contestants for a date with the twice-divorced Ohio congressman. He had joked recently about what he wanted in a potential first lady.

Sounds sweet, eh? Though I must admit, it’s a bit sad that an intelligent, passionate, and articulate man like Kucinich struggles to get even 100 suitors despite all the publicity, while airheads competing on reality TV shows undoubtedly get thousands of proposals from fawning fans. Heck, even mass-murderer Manson has, as I understand it, gotten hundreds of proposals from (obviously very sick) women. What is this world coming to?

Okay, but that aside, there’s even something more pathetic about Kucinich’s date:

Santore, 34, of Maple Shade, N.J., called herself a lifelong Democrat. She said she works as a confidential aide to the Camden County sheriff in southern New Jersey and lives with her boyfriend. Kucinich attracted her attention, she said, because she found his views “intoxicating.”

Uh, notice anything a little fishy here? How about the “lives with her boyfriend” part? Eighty people applied for a date with Kucinich, and this attached woman is the best possible pick?

I don’t know about you, but where I come from, a date is usually (or at least optimally) between two single people. Perhaps this lack of awareness on Kucinich’s part explains a bit about why he’s still single?

Or maybe, if his Presidential bid fails, he’ll run for Senator of Utah? 😀

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