Getting googled goofily

Back in early December, I wrote an entry about feeling rather small and invisible in the local Lindy Hop (swing dance) scene. In an effort to highlight my feelings of insignificance — and well in advance of any Chicago movie hype — I cited some lyrics from “Mr. Cellophane” of Chicago the musical, which I’d seen performed on Broadway earlier last year.

My seemingly innocuous action resulted in a rather strange and unintended result:

My blog has captured the number one position for the Google search on “Mr. Cellophane.” I only discovered this by seeing this search term rank up towards the top in my server logs.

This really amuses and surprises me. I had just casually quoted a few lines from the song more than halfway down in a random blog entry… and this trumps mentions of the song in reviews from established newspapers and movie sites online?!

I found that this isn’t all my site is Googly known for, though!

Among other things, I’m proud to note that I’m obviously the foremost authority on Lindy Hop Muppets.

I can get even more contrived of course, and highlight google’d questions, such as “Is Adam Silly or Strange“?

Given this yet-another-late-night-blog, I think the answer to that is pretty apparent.



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  1. James Avatar

    Hey Adam,
    I haven’t heard about it this before.

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