Google classifies sex abuse as Entertainment

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Ah, the perils of relying on automated classification!

Mind you, I think Google News is quite impressive and useful overall; I’m just pointing out the blip above as example of how automated technologies can cause situations that are either particularly incongruous or even uncomfortable.

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  • James Mar 9, 2008 Link Reply

    This not to be done by G.
    Now Google needs to specify different category for booth these.

  • Jose Mar 25, 2008 Link Reply

    Hum, James is right,
    As Google becoming a very family friendly search engine and website.
    Google news is one of the major part of Google Inc. So Google need to define different categories for both.

  • SEO Florida Aug 18, 2008 Link Reply

    Here Google Missed out something for classification of various categories.

  • La Lo Li Tadu35 Aug 4, 2010 Link Reply


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