Google puzzle for you (win an iPod Photo!)

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Note the search results here and here.

1) [EASY]: What oddness do you notice when you compare the results pages?
2) [HARD]: What might explain the situation?

I should have a definitive and official answer for you within a week.

In the meantime, post your guesses below!

[And to the person with the best guess — most accurate, most entertaining, whatever — I’ll provide you with a genuine photo of an Apple Ipod! :D]

UPDATED 6/5/2005
The puzzle is now, well, broken. But for the original answer, see my entry here 🙂

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  • Jflanger May 8, 2005 Link Reply

    Heh.  Adwords goodness!  I presume you managed to snatch space up in the bidding war for mere pennies.  Either that or you co-opted somebody at Googleyland.

    When do I get my iPod photo?

  • jorg Jun 3, 2005 Link Reply

    I don’t get it.  What’s the surprise?

    In the first case, it found 6,000+ matches for Adam Lasnik.  That is, more than 6,000 pages contain both words.

    In the second case, it found only 2,000+ matches for “Adam Lasnik”.  That is only 2,000 or so pages had the words Adam Lasnik _in_that_order_.

    I got your ad on both pages, btw.

    Was there something else intriguing that I missed?

  • Adam Jun 5, 2005 Link Reply

    Oops, I forgot to update this entry.  I’ll go do that now.

    In the meantime, you can find the answer here 🙂

  • Adam Jun 5, 2005 Link Reply

    Grrr… even *I* forget that I have HTML turned off in comments.  Anyway, you can check out the answer to the puzzle here:

  • SAJIV Jun 14, 2005 Link Reply

    A)the oddness is that one result is faster and the other is slower .(.08-.79sec)
    B)the cause for that are the quotes which also decrase the number of search results.

  • John Mar 4, 2008 Link Reply

    Does Google every year announces these kind of offers?

  • Chaitanya Mar 5, 2008 Link Reply

    1) for SE does not take to many time for results,
    2) change of case may decrease or increase results

  • SEO Florida Aug 12, 2008 Link Reply

    lowercase and upercase are giving lot difference, i found it many times.

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