"Google Suggest" service — Now Google reads minds

Try out the Google Suggest tool, a new Google feature currently in the Labs.

I’ve long been amazed at the computational power and speed of Google, but this real time demonstration of the company’s muscle is simply astounding.

How is this latest offering useful? From my perspective, it will come most in handy with searches in the following contexts:
– Names
– Narrowing down from general to specific topics
– Webmaster on-the-fly search engine optimization efforts (finding / measuring most-searched phrases)

I’m curious to hear from my readers on this one. What are other ways in which this new Google service will be particularly useful… or especially fun / entertaining?

[Yes, I admit, I’m a bit embarrassed that I’m so often gushing about Google stuff… but this particularly offering is just too cool to ignore, IMHO :D]

Edited to add:
– 12/10/04 11:02am: Forgot to give credit to Waxy.org (specifically their links page) for the heads-up!


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