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Shake Awake alarm clock
Okay, so I can think of some TRULY great ways to wake up, but since this isn’t an X-rated blog, you’ll have to be content with me speaking the virtues of the amazingly handy-dandy contraption pictured on the right here, the aptly named “Shake Awake.”

For those of us who occasionally sleep in dorm rooms or hostels (basically like dorm rooms anyway) or for people who need to be woken up independently of their significant other in the same bed, this Shake Awake thing is a Godsend.

Basically, it does what the name implies: clamped under your pillow, it more-or-less-silently shakes you awake with vibrations of increasing frequency until you turn it off. Except for the evening when I forgot to clamp it securely under my pillow and it fell off the bed (whoops!), it reliably woke me up every morning during my 5 week vacation, and I’m a pretty sound sleeper.

Indeed, when I attended the Herr?ng dance camp last year and — like this year — roomed in the free accommodations (read: in close quarters with about 40 other folks trying to nap and sleep in the same room), I pissed off quite a few people. You see, while wearing earplugs I failed to hear my loudly beeping traditional alarm clock, and alas, it served as an unintentionally successful wakeup call for many of other dozens of folks in the room.

So this year, at the recommendation of my very smart Lindy Hopping friend Charles, I bought Shake Awake. I woke up each morning without pissing off many of the very beautiful women I’d be dancing with later each evening. And that made Shake Awake worth every penny. 🙂 I get no commission from sales on this thing, but heck, go nuts and buy one for yourself or buy ’em for others. You’ll thank me (and the company that makes the neat little bugger) later!

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