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I admit that musical tastes vary from person to person. And I recognize that you may not totally dig one of my new music discoveries — GrooveLily — like I do.

But if that’s the case, I urge you to get your ears and head examined.

Thoughtful, catchy, tight, witty, fun. Give a listen to some of the sample tracks from GrooveLily’s musical, Striking 12, both here and here.

I don’t think I’ve bought a CD in half-a-decade (as part of an RIAA boycott), but — especially given the independent nature of this group — I may plunk down some of my hard-earned cash to get one of those stupid round things.

[As an aside, their (alas, married) lead violinist is the epitome of the woman I eventually want to be with: talented, creative, smart, strong. Other fellas may swoon over buxom anorexic “model” bimbo-babes, but me… I’ve always crushed on amazing songstresses like Ms. Vigoda and China Forbes. Now I just need to get my ass back into the music performing / composing scene and meet myself some single musical women :-). It’s been too long for me (both musically and romantically)…]

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  • Marcia May 21, 2005 Link Reply

    Gotta love a new GrooveLily fan!  The band does have that affect on people.  I’ve worked their merch table and had people walk up, stunned and say, “How could this band be THIS GOOD—and I didn’t know about them?” and then buy a bunch of CD’s.

    Another place you can go to hear GrooveLily’s music is Whole Wheat Radio—an internet radio station which plays exclusively indie bands.

    After joining (free) you can request almost all of GL’s music.  Sometimes there is a certain “hour” that is devoted to bluegrass or something, but most of the time you can request a song and expect to hear it within fifteen minutes.

    Another internet radio website that plays alot of GrooveLily—and where you can request their songs is RismixLive.

    Welcome to the Quality Music Revolution!

  • Graham May 31, 2005 Link Reply

    Neat. I’ve been listening to all the demo tracks on their website. These guys are fun. Thanks for the recommendation.

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