Happy birthday to me!

(Sorry, I’m too lazy to figure out how to selectively remove the Personal Category disclaimer above; it really IS my birthday :D)

But hey, it’s not all about me! Even though it’s (probably) not your birthday, I enthusiastically invite you to enjoy this song:






2 responses to “Happy birthday to me!”

  1. Rik van Tijn Avatar

    Hi Adam,

    Happy happy birthday to you! That life may bring joy and happiness! I wish you all the best.
    Have a blast.

    Greetings from The Lowlands, Rik.

  2. Asish Thomas Avatar
    Asish Thomas

    Hi Adam,

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday to you. May life bring you all the joy and happiness.

    Wishing a great year ahead.

    Asish Thomas.

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