Health Hypocrisy

Two odd tidbits crossed my mind this evening.

1) Aaahnold, the Governator has proposed converting the state Capitol’s interior courtyard into a “smoking plaza.” Isn’t this the same guy that’s been the head of various Fitness councils?

2) Once again, the gym I belong to (24 Hour Fitness) is shilling Tanning packages (“Fry 3 times, Fry the 4th time, free!”). This is the same organization that offers actually thoughtful e-mail newsletters about health and fitness, not to mention (obviously) a physical space to get in shape… and it’s promoting skin cancer?

What a weird, wacky world we live in.






One response to “Health Hypocrisy”

  1. swingbee Avatar

    Ugh, bad proposal he’s got there!

    Before I read the article, I didn’t know California has such strict law against smoking, may be I should move there… heh.

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