Healthy onion sorta-rings!

I’ve learned that with a little perseverence and luck, it’s possible to make VERY tasty and healthy stuff to substitute for evil FFC (Fast Food Cravings).

Tonight’s strange but wonderful dinner:
– Salad with fresh greens, almonds, and raisins and lowfat ranch dressing
– Baked crispy sweet potato chips and onion petals

The salad is pretty self-explanatory.

For the baked crispy stuff, I took two small sweet onions and TRIED to cut them into petals like you see at the fancy restaurants, but that didn’t quite work out. So I contented myself to just have lots of cut up “loose petals.”

I sliced one sweet potato into as thin of slices as I could, and failing that at times, made some cubes out of the remainder.

I put all of the onion and potato pieces directly onto cookie sheet, which I had lightly sprayed (with a Misto sprayer) with garlic olive oil first. I then sprayed additional oil on top of the veggies, and on top of that, sprinkled some paprika and cornflake crumbs.

I baked this for 30 minutes at 425 degrees, and voila! Lightly crisp, nicely seasoned, and very yummy. The onions are of a similar taste, though not consistency, to fast food onion rings… albeit a zillion times less greasy and more healthy.






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  1. Matt Hendrickson Avatar

    Next time you want to try a “blooming onion”, try doing this…

    1) cut out the center core of the onion.

    2) make your cuts across the diameter, but only go so far so that you have 1” on the bottom. That way, it stays held together.

    3) THEN, open it up!

    If those fail, go to Wal-mart, and spend $15 for a blooming onion machine.

    Let me know how it works out!

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