I hate technology


About an hour ago, I had just written a brilliant entry for this blog. Insightful, funny, and all that other stuff that I may be exaggerating about just a tad, but… hey, it doesn’t really matter anymore…


Do you ever wonder whether we’re actually saving much time or effort overall with technology vs. that good ol’ pen and paper we used to use?

Sure, there are some wonderful things we take for granted now that we’d be very sad without. Like Google. And blogs like this, of course!

But if I actually totaled up the number of hours I spent monthly in Frustration, it’d… well, let’s just say it’d be a lot of hours.

– Updating software.
– Troubleshooting why software doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.
– Trying to translate godawful help documents (if they exist).
– Calling or e-mailing [ISP / Wireless phone company / online music service] to correct overbilling or (justifiably) bitch about lousy service or frequent service outages.
– Realizing that 3 months of your Outlook calendar has just been erased.
– Realizing that the last backup you did was 2 months ago, before entering in a couple dozen holiday-oriented dates.
– Dealing with spam.
– Apologizing to friends you didn’t reply to because their note got buried amidst and/or deleted with spam.

I know, I know… this is all hardly part of a novel gripe, that computers were supposed to make our lives easier but they end up causing us to kick random objects nearby instead.

But I’m an uber-geek. I’m supposed to LOVE technology. I evangelize this stuff, teach this stuff, share this stuff.

And yet, on evenings like this when my creative efforts go poof with little warning, I hate technology. And I hate being a hypocrite.

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