Is your neighbor a terrorist? Call 1-800-TO FOX TV

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As the author of this piece notes, it’s hard to know whether to be amused or scared that calls from Ashcroft’s understandably lampooned Citizen Brigade (“TIPS”) have been forwarded to — no joke — FOX TV.

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  • Christa Aug 7, 2007 Link Reply

    Im only 16, but my room faces the street…across the street there are some iranians, i find it wierd how huge the family is. 2 late 30s early 40 ladies, look the same, short hair they wear jeans and a t shirt everyday, there identities almost look like men. Then theres 2 old men,1 old lady, and 1 middle aged man. Theyre way of life is so suspicious, THEY CLEAN THERE OUTSIDE TRASHCAN EVERY TRASH DAY. and today they all were outside tampering with a car thats missing a bumper,engine is fallling out. they wernt in the engine part as much as they were in the trunk, which kinda is wierd. Im from california but the liscense plate says texas. I saw a glimse inside there house when they opened the security screen, all the windows are covered up from what i saw. They own one nice car and the one they tamper with is a peice of junk. and i know they sit behind their security door and look out of the streetwith view of that car. Maybe its just a different culture, but it scares me so much.

  • Girlsmum Oct 2, 2007 Link Reply

    Sounds like you are paranoid and looking for something to be suspicious of.

    Get over it.

  • polly Oct 2, 2009 Link Reply

    I totally agree with christa you are not paranoid bc I live across from iranians or whatever they are and their behavior is so supicious. When they first moved in it was a young girl young guy and older male and an older woman in a one bedroom apartment. They were first there during the week but leaving every weekend now they dnt live there at all they completely disapeared now some random guy lives there who you only see going in there. Then when you do see them going in their bringing a bunch of stuff in their house making so much noise I mean its like they wait until everyone goes in to do a bunch of stuff. They have the weirdest behavior like the one young guy who originally lived there constanly walks. Behind the bck of the apt complex for what their new so they dnt know anyone the list goes on of the supicious behavior and trust me I’m far from paranoid i m debating whether or not to call the authorities on them honestly

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