Memory holes aren’t cool. Corporate bloggers, cut it out!

UPDATE 9/23/05 2:34pm PST:
Looks like I was a bit too quick on the CrankyTrigger this morning. Apparently, Streamload had shifted over to Blogspot, but hadn’t updated one of their primary links (1 step off of their home page). Certainly a frustrating but nonetheless innocent oversight. See Streamload’s acknowledgment of the issue here in their P.S.

My apologies for jumping to conclusions. I’m keeping the rest of my blog entry intact so I’m not a hypocrite 😉

* * *

I’m a paying member of Streamload — a multimedia remote storage service — and I regularly follow their blog in my aggregator.

Recently, they’ve been heralding their upcoming major service overhaul in their blog… a huge new feature set, new pricing, and so on. Everything was supposed to go live, well, a few days ago.

Well, a day or two ago, they blogged an apology for the delay, citing power outage issues stemming from a storm (no, not one of the hurricanes). I totally understood… these sort of things happen. But then imagine my amazement and annoyance today when, upon checking their blog, I notice that they’ve wiped out the last month’s worth of entries. Poof, gone. Here’s the Google cache of what they had written.

A firm message to Streamload and any other companies that may be thinking about, ahem, rewriting history: Don’t do it.
1) People like me will catch it and call you on it.
2) This’ll create ill-will and suspicions regarding your firm’s integrity.

And for goodness sake, if you’re nonetheless determined to cover your tracks, at least don’t do it half-assedly; roll-back your press releases, too. Sheesh.



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2 responses to “Memory holes aren’t cool. Corporate bloggers, cut it out!”

  1. Maxine Avatar

    Hi there,

    Just FYI, it appears that the redirect on the Streamload Blog link might not have been working correctly (one of our servers might not be processing the redirect right); you can always reference the Streamload Blog via the direct blogspot link: . Nothing’s been deleted, so if you find a link that’s outdated, please let us know and we’ll be happy to fix it.


  2. razman Avatar

    you’re doing a bang up job, adam!

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