My apartment is bugged!

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big crane fly is part of a special Crane Fly Gathering at my humble apartmentThis huge crane fly — one of several dozen that have mysteriously come to visit my apartment lately — was particularly attracted to my shoulders. I don’t know if he’s a domesticated crane fly or if my shoulders somehow smelled like a crane fly of the opposite sex, but after a while it was no longer flattering or enjoyable to have a pet crane fly. I gently but firmly directed (okay, forced) him outside and politely asked him to not come back. “And while you’re at it” I added, in my best possible bug voice, “Could you please ask your friends and family to socialize OUTSIDE my apartment? And maybe scare away a few pigeons at the same time? Thanks so much!”

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  • Mark Denovich May 4, 2004 Link Reply

    Saw your comment on Zawodny’s blog…

    Crane Flys generally don’t eat.  They only live for a few days while they look for a mate.  They live most of their life as larva eating plant roots. 

    (My wife is an entymologist.)

  • Adam May 5, 2004 Link Reply

    This is really interesting!  I did some additional reading and discovered, as you suggested, that crane flies indeed generally do not eat… they just have lots of sex.

    So on one hand, I’m glad I’m not a crane fly.  But on the other hand… hmm… there could be worse things to be reincarnated as, eh? 😀

    Anyway, thanks for the info! 🙂

  • California Jun 12, 2006 Link Reply

    hehe 🙂 seems like you are not too much in animals or birds or insects etc 🙂

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