[Humor] My experience at a camp for “swingers”

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I hate to spoil the joke, but at the same time, I don’t want this post to jeopardize my employment, romantic, and other prospects.  So for those looking for intel on the naughty sort of swingers camp, be prepared to be disappointed.  Sorry! – Adam


Recently I attended a special weeklong camp for swingers.

Every night we swung in different rooms, swapping partners frequently. Sometimes we barely spoke a word, just motioning for someone to join us, or even just flashing them a smile and a come-hither look. Typically, most of our encounters lasted about 3-4 minutes, but occasionally they went on a bit longer. Sometimes slow and sultry, other times fast and furious… definitely a lot of variety!

During the day most of us worked with experts to help us connect with our partners better… becoming more sensitive, skilled, talented… touching her just right so she’d come back for more.

Some people started off more experienced than others, but that’s understandable. I mean, one of the most popular guys at the camp was 90, but we also had folks as young as 16. Both of ’em definitely held their own.

Let me tell you, there was a lot of heavy breathing goin’ on, and everyone was getting pretty hot and sweaty. Guys were taking off their shirts, and lots of campers could barely walk some mornings.

One of the neat things was that people were pretty open minded. You could look around and see guys doing it with guys, girls with girls, and in a few crazy instances, sometimes there were threesomes. Also, it was a friendly crowd: I don’t think anyone turned me down, and in some cases, women came back eagerly wanting to spend more time with me.

I did have a bit of performance anxiety, I must admit… especially when this really hot French woman made me show off with her in front of about 50 others. But in the end, she gave me some great tips, and I heard admiring murmurs afterwards: “Wow, did you see Adam with Virginie?!”

All in all, I made some great friends at Swing Out Northwest 2004 and also feel that my dancing improved a lot. I’m really looking forward to my next swing dance camp!

Related links: [Edited August 29, 2006 and again July 4, 2008 to account for expired and new links]
– (The Swingout Northwest Dance Camp site is no longer available, unfortunately)
– The Swing Out New Hampshire site is, however, current… and interesting. This is the camp I’m attending this year (2006).
My Swingout New Hampshire photos

P.S. — Some likely helpful info: [Added July 4, 2008]
– “Swing dancing” is the umbrella name of many forms of dancing derived from the American dance “lindy hop” which was invented in the early 1900’s. I believe it includes east coast swing, west coast swing, jive, rockabilly, boogie, etc.
– A “swingout” (or, in British English, a “lindy turn,” is a core (but difficult to master) pattern of lindy hop.
– You can find some outstanding lindy hop clips on Youtube. 😀


  1. This was truly funny.
    I was searching for reviews on
    peoples blog software and I
    couldn’t believe what I was
    reading at first….that’s
    just amazing.  Thanks!

  2. lol 🙂

    I really thought it was about a sex party.

    this is one of the greatest posts i have every read.

    it plays on the language so well.

    well done.

  3. Good post my man, Im sure if people dont read til the end they will get the wrong end of the stick…..how can they not read til the end though

  4. 😀  I had to read it twice as i really thought that was some kind of camp where u meet guys and girls and have fun together..until this word swing dance camp..Amazing

  5. Funny that there is even a camp for this. Hope it was fun though. Remember those GAP commercials with the swinging partners?

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