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I’m sorry I strayed. AdSense may not be the sexiest CAS (contextual advertising service) in the bunch, and occasionally she’s a bit stubborn, unpredictable, and even cheap… but she’s a lot better overall than my most recent fling.

I had heard so many great things about the mistress I recently shacked up with. Miss Yahoo was apparently far more generous, and she sure put out a lot more (cash) than AdSense did for a bunch of my blogger friends. And hey, though she initially played hard to get, once I had her, she was an easy lay(out job). I mean, with her live previews, I was even able to see what I was gonna get from her before I took her out on the town on my blog. Not only that, she came bundled with some pretty snazzy accessories, including handy RSS, Y! Maps, and Y!Q stuff.

* * *

At first, I thought she was a clever free thinker.

I read her a story about Song airlines.

“Vonage” she cooed back at me. How creative, I marveled… she knows that the airlines are looking to expand telephony options… and that some e-jetsetters may be able to use voice-over-IP services while flying to communicate with landlocked buddies.

Then I read her a story about a recent theatre production I saw.

“Vonage” she whispered back, coyly. Hmm. I was admittedly puzzled. I mean, you’re really not supposed to have phone conversations while watching musicals!

I tried reading her a few other stories. And while she’d occasionally offer a minor new tidbit, she always managed to say something about Vonage.

* * *

The relationship was already getting stale. I invited some friends over for a blog reading and said, initially with pride, meet my new mate, Miss Yahoo P.N. But she just stared dully ahead and muttered “Vonage.”

My friends were brutally honest with me when they took me aside. “Um, Adam” they insisted, politely but firmly, “She’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the e-shed.”

“She’s still young!” I protested, “She’ll learn! She’s not even out of beta school yet!”

From around the corner, I heard again “Vonage. Vonage. Vonage.”

* * *

It was about then that I realized that even though my old blogfriend AdSense was a bit miserly, at least she wasn’t a moron and I wasn’t embarrassed to be seen with her in public.

“Vonage. Vonage Vonage. Vonage, Vonage. Mortgages vonage. Vonage your mortgage. Vonage Vonagevonagevonagevon…”

“Yahoo. YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!” I yodeled in frustration, trying to get her attention. “I think we should see other people. Or rather, you should see other blogs.”


I opened the door… pointed to the great beyond, and Yahoo was but a distant memory.

Then I called up AdSense. And like an annoyed and proud but still subtlely loyal cat, she returned.

AdSense, I’m really sorry. Welcome back!

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  • Joe Hunkins Dec 16, 2005 Link Reply

    Good one Adam.  I’m hearing this from enough people that you’ve saved me the pain and heartbrake of divorcing Adsense – at least for now. 

    I think Affiliate infidelity is not yet seen as a powerful force but it will become one soon when YPN and MSN catch up to Adsense. I think that’ll happen next year.

  • Ed Kohler Jan 9, 2006 Link Reply

    Great post. I’m not a fan of Yahoo’s Vonage baggage either. Well, I suppose I wouldn’t mind if people occasionally clicked on the ads.

  • Brautmode May 30, 2007 Link Reply

    😀 I guess that the family of yahoo ad clicker will go the same way like the dinosaur did in the past.. In some years humans will think: did they ever exist?? Humans that REALLY click on Ad Sense?? unbelievable 😀

  • Swadba-Mann Dec 13, 2007 Link Reply

    I do not believe that it pass so quickly. But “Hope Dies Last” (German proverb)

  • Hochzeitstorte Apr 4, 2008 Link Reply

    Well, I suppose I wouldn?t mind if people occasionally clicked on the ads.

  • Nice ‘love letter’ to Miss Adsense. In recent years Adsense has grown much more mature and Adsense is now market leader in many countries, e.g. the Netherlands.

  • AdSense Land Aug 13, 2008 Link Reply

    Yeah people like to complain about AdSense and how hard it is to make money with it, but it’s by far the best one out there so far.

    Will be interesting to see how Microsoft’s beta one tackles the field.

  • John P Oct 15, 2008 Link Reply

    Fantastic this is one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time. As mortgage brokers we have used PPC and Yahoo but never adsense.

  • Tiffany Mar 7, 2009 Link Reply

    On my website I have been experimenting with Google Adsense and some affiliate programs, like m4n and tradedoubler, to make some money with my website. My website is a hobby for me, so if the income can cover my costs, I am already happy. Now, after one year of experimenting, my conclusion is that I made more money with the affiliate programs than I made with Google Adsense. Regards Tiffany

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