No bats in the belfry, but ants on my armchair

It never fails. Whenever there’s a sustained cold-and-rainy spell here in San Francisco, ants decide to take up residence in my apartment. And these aren’t your run of the mill let’s-find-food ants.

No, it’s clear that these ants — primarily congregating on top of my (conveniently black) desk in my bedroom — are geeky ants.

Or maybe intellectual ants? No, wait, then they’d be scouring my bookcases, too.

Perhaps lonely ants? (oh Lord, please just don’t let them join me in bed!)

The bottom line is, I don’t know and I don’t care. I just wish they’d at least stop drinking from my water glass.

I wouldn’t mind if they paid their share of the rent, either.







2 responses to “No bats in the belfry, but ants on my armchair”

  1. Father Bojangles Avatar

    Three years in seminary at Berkeley introduced me to those little buggers…they found their way into my refrigerator…slowed ‘em..but didn’t stop ‘em…Ant pellets did the trick…take the stuff back to the nest and that’s the last you see of them…for a time…You can find them at Safeway…right next to the Baby Food section…
    Thanks for the reminder…
    Fr. Bo

  2. Matt Hendrickson Avatar
    Matt Hendrickson

    I saw on the news last year a sure-fire and environmentally freindly way to get rid of the little buggers. Simply mix dry yeast with corn syrup and leave throughout the area. The ants will eat the sweet concoction and the yeast will kill them effectivley (if not painfully). PLUS, it’s cheaper than some of those ant killers and a lot less likely to take years off YOUR life.

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