Online dating — tips for success

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A while back, I wrote an essay about online dating — particularly aspects of posting an ad.

I didn’t publicize it much on my site, and so I think it’s largely gotten lost in the shuffle… and I’d still love to get some feedback. If you’ve tried the online dating thing, know folks who have, or even just have some thoughts about the issue, I’d love to have you check out my essay and leave a comment or two here 🙂

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  • Andy B Mar 10, 2006 Link Reply

    I like using . It?s free, easy to use and doesn?t cost anything. Pretty cool! They have Date mapping with Google maps, and you can contact people any way you want (IM, email, etc.) They also have the ability to contact users on any other paid dating site for free. SWEET!

    That?s just my 2 cents!

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