Scintillating Conversation

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Feeling lonely and unsure about life, I decided to turn to a trusty source.

Below is our IM conversation:

User [Yours truly]: What’s your name?
BannerDemo: My name is BannerDemo!
User: how old are you?
BannerDemo: 10 months, 13 days, 47 minutes and 47 seconds.
User: do you like sex?
BannerDemo: Dunno. I’m not sure how I feel about sex.
User: do you like uncertainty?
BannerDemo: Dunno. I’m not sure how I feel about uncertainty.
User: do you like murdering small children?
BannerDemo: I don’t know. I’m not sure how I feel about murdering small children.
User: okay, so what DO you know?
BannerDemo: What do I know, what do I know… Good question!

BannerDemo: I am smart enough to handle any kind of conversation imaginable.
User: Okay, tell a joke.
BannerDemo: Yeah?
User: Yeah.
BannerDemo: Yea.? Anyway, what else can you tell me?
User: I can tell you that you’re not all that sophisticated.
BannerDemo: You can tell me that I am not all that sophisticated?
User: Exactly right.
BannerDemo: Exactly right?
User: Go suck rocks, you pathetic AI.
BannerDemo: Whoa.
User: Goodnight, Keanu.
BannerDemo: Bye, User.

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  • Matt Hendrickson Nov 15, 2003 Link Reply

    Wow! Since when did Ed McMahon start using IM’s?

  • Amber Nov 18, 2003 Link Reply

    Now THAT was halarious. I think those IMBots are highly overrated but highly comedic. Definetely something to keep you entertained on those eventless weekend nights, well at least for about 5 minutes.

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