Senior moment(s)


This is really embarrassing.

A friend of mine told me today, “Janice said hi!”

I blinked. “Janice? Uh… I’m really drawing a blank here.”

“You know, Janice from New Hampshire! She hung out with you last Sunday, or maybe it was the Sunday before… red hair, really great body… she even referred to you by full name!”

I sometimes barely remember what I did a couple of days ago, much less a week or two ago… but forgetting someone like that? And how would she know my full name anyway? It’s not like I introduce myself to dancers that way, or many other folks, for that matter.

I don’t know whether I’m more annoyed or worried about this. I’m 31. I shouldn’t be going senile yet. Sure, I meet a lot of people while dancing, but given that this one knows my full name and specifically told a friend of mine to say hi, I’d say that it seems like I’m losing it. Ack. I really need to take my vitamins more often, I guess. That and get more sleep.

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