Simple relationship truths

– We want what we cannot have.
– We want what we do not have.
– When we have something, we want something else.
– This doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy what we have.
– We have great advice for everyones’ problems but don’t follow our own advice.
– It’s easier to bitch than to change.

– We cannot change others. Really.
– Women assume all men just want sex. They’re wrong.
– Men assume all women want commitment. They’re wrong.
– Men and women don’t really love what the media suggests we love.
– If you’re not getting hurt, you’re not living.
– Seeking love is expensive. Love itself is priceless.
– Online dating attracts some real creeps. Just like offline dating.
– Attraction is >90% non-verbal. You cannot really be in love with someone without seeing them in person.
– Swing dancing is a great way to meet a special someone.
– Swing dancing is a sucky way to meet a special someone.
– See that ‘unattractive’ guy and his hottie girlfriend and visa versa? There’s hope.
– Not sure how you’re coming across (e.g., desperate, too flirtatious, cold, etc.)? Buy a friend (not a best friend) a drink, ask a few questions, and you’ll know. You may cry, but you’ll know.
– You’re not the only one depressed by the pukey pda in the park.
– Work out. You’ll look more attractive in the long run and exercise = endorphins which make you FEEL better, too.
– Keeping a journal helps you sort out your thoughts. Just beware / be aware of who reads it.
– Just because I’m writing this on a Friday night does not mean I’m a lame ass 😀

[Originally written and posted by me on a national swing dance board]






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  1. h0ly Avatar

    by me on a national swing dance board << lol I think you did a really good job..
    I am going to read this for my english homework

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