SmileZone / Bladam brief update

Thanks for sticking with me even through sporadic updates and occasional technical hiccups. Below, I offer a few details on the (former) posting-comments-results-in-error (eeek!) problem, and the new Travel and CanonS400 sections on my site and so on.

  • When posting a comment, it takes up to 20 seconds once you hit SUBMIT, which still isn’t right, but it beats getting an error screen. And please post lots of (interesting) comments anyway! Eventually I’ll get to the bottom of the delay 😐
  • I just started a new Travel section. I figure I have a wealth of knowledge about traveling and online travel resources, so I might as well begin sharing it!
  • I bought the domain to serve as the new info center for the neato popular camera I recently purchased — a Canon Powershot S400 digicam. Not much content yet, but feel free to offer feedback on the structure.
  • Music clips should now work for Mac users. But heck, I’ve had these music clips up for years, and just now someone tells me Mac-ees couldn’t access ’em? Have you no love for us overburdened and well-meaning webmaster folk?!
  • Lots and lots and lots of new pictures! ’nuff said 🙂

What do you think?

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