Spectacular Stupidity

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Apparently — get this — something bad is going to happen to us!

No, we don’t know when. Maybe soon?
We don’t know where.
We don’t know how.
We don’t know much of anything about it, actually.

Most importantly, we, your clueless ass-covering government folk don’t even have any suggestions of what to do.

Er, no, wait. Be careful! Be cautious! Yeah.

Am I advocating that our government keep warnings from us? Not necessarily. But at least they could give us some guidance and actually encourage us to do something useful for ourselves and our neighbors.

For instance, if they had credible evidence that something was goin’ down on the East Coast, perhaps they could encourage people in that area to donate blood or plasma. If there IS a horrible terrorist act, we’ll be better prepared to help the injured. If not, I’m sure it all can be put to good use anyway.

Maybe our government could take just a teensy fraction of the ridiculous amounts of cash it spends subsidizing big business and upgrade a few thousand ambulances or create salaries for extra emergency personnel.

Sure, all of this would only help AFTER the fact, but at least that’s something.

It’s a whole lot more useful than the “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid” crap that’s being spewed by various government officials.

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  • Harald Nov 29, 2002 Link Reply

    You forget: this is what keeps them in power.

  • Matt Hendrickson Dec 1, 2002 Link Reply

    To quote Robin Williams: “What the F*ck? Where are we getting our intelligence, Miss Cleo?”

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