Store Wars: A very funny animation of good and evil (food)

Check out the video of Store Wars, featuring Obi Wan Cannoli and Darth Tater… and lots of laughs!

I actually have very mixed feelings about some of the “evils” it raises — genetic engineering of plants and food irradiation in particular — but on the whole, I do believe in supporting organic farming.

I think anyone’d be hard pressed to claim that they LIKE having lots of pesticides or antibiotics in their food. And, while this may be psychological, I do seem to prefer the taste of organic foods over the cheaper alternatives.

Anyway, all moralizing aside, do check out the video and I guarantee a good chuckle at the very minimum :-).




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  1. Organic Food Information Avatar

    Too many people are too oblivious or skeptical to realise how delicious organic food is, even for it’s price. You see through it!

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