The complicated connections of dance and beyond

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This past Thursday, I danced with one particularly amazing follow, and everything was on. She smiled, I smiled, we moved so well together and connected wonderfully. To my surprise and great pleasure, she continued beaming after our dance and complimented me on my “great connection” and some other stuff that I can’t recall since I was in such a delighted daze. Here is this competition-winning, well-respected follow that is gushing about a dance with mediocre-ol’ me!

In an ironic twist, this particular woman — we’ll call her Maria — is often sitting on the sidelines, not being asked to dance. And that just seems downright strange to me.

Maria, I think, is a telling example of the wackiness of human nature. Here’s someone that’s talented, attractive, and kind. And yet the guys aren’t flocking to her… dancewise, or — from what I can tell — otherwise.

I’d chalk it up to intimidation, but there are other women who are equally talented and captivating that still attract large groups of admirers and suitors.

Why do we tend to associate with certain people and not others? Why aren’t we more logical beings? Why is our socializing so difficult to predict or explain?

And when will I get up the guts to ask Maria to dance again? How does one bravely follow up on such bliss?! 🙂

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  • Bee May 5, 2004 Link Reply

    Great connection is pretty hard to come by, ahh yes it’s such a bliss!

    Gather you guts up and ask her again, Adam! 😀

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